From the students...

Two of the activities I designed I was also able to deliver to a class of ~15-20 ELLs during my practicum at the International English Center in spring 2023. Students were given the opportunity at the end of each activity to anonymously write anything they liked and anything they didn't like about the activity. See some of their comments* below!

*Comments marked with an astrisk were modified slightly to correct minor grammatical, spelling, &/or conventional mistakes

On Play, Have Played, and Played Videogames

"Brilliant Kahoot activity. Good verb forms practice with the papers. I recommend adding group discussions." 

"I like the way you smile when you are teaching. Thank you for today:)"

"It is good to have the activities hands-on with the whole class. It grabs everyone's attention."*

"Like Kahoot"

"Most activities were really nice and made understanding the lesson easier." 

"You did a great job, Olivia. I hope you have a successful teaching career."* 

"The activity was fun and helpful too. You did great!"

"The activity was great. Thank you for teaching us this lesson."*

"Thank you for your helping. I got some good answers from you!"

"Informative and nice activity"

"The Kahoot activity was creative and fun. Since I personally HATE grammar, the second activity was a little boring." 

On "A New Beginning"

"You really did a good job; I don't have anything I didn't like."* 


"You are kind and nice. Thank you for today."

"I liked everything about Olivia's teaching. She was explaining so nicely. I wish her good luck. Thank you and best regards."*

"Explanation of concept was clear."

"It was helpful for me. Thank you, Olivia."

"It was a helpful lesson. Keep going:)"

"I like that the lesson was very helpful. There is nothing I did not like."

"Like: Obama; worksheet. Do not like: overtime."